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The Offical Snowcat is located at 40.79 N 78.01 W (Stormstown, PA)

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Winter for 2017-2018 in Centre County was mild in terms of snowfall. The largest significant accumulation was 7 inches. Also, the current Snow Cat has been retired due to the fading paint. Another one may be appropriated. See you next season.


Contest Rules

Use your best method(s) to forecast the snowfall at Stormstown, PA for the stated 24-hour time interval.

Then e-mail it to, with the subject: “Snowcat,” by the stated deadline. This will prevent hedging.

All late submissions will be posted as unofficial and will be disqualified from winning.

The winner will be the one who submitted a forecast closest to the total snowfall as measured by The Official Snowcat

Sample Certificate

Winners are presented with a framed certificate proclaiming his/her forecasting prowess.


Past Winners

Andrew Lare - 2014
Anthony Nugnes - February 17, 2015
Teena Lavu - March 6, 2015
Richard Barnhill - January 24, 2016
Josh Huber - March 14, 2017

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